Netafim NetaFlex 3G Fertigation w/ Controller

Netafim NetaFlex 3G Fertigation w/ Controller

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NetaFlex 3G provides precision dosing required in successful greenhouse operations. The modular design offers a state of the art mixing tank as well as a nutrigation (fertigation) controller mounted on a sturdy corrosion resistant aluminum frame with high quality components. Perfectly suited to applications where quantitative or proportional Nutrigation™ is required. Providing up to six fertilizer or acid dosing channels as well as pH regulation. The EC and pH sensors ensure precise and accurate injection rates. A single NetFlex system can provide coverage from .25 - 25 acres of nursery or greenhouse plantings.


  • Pre-assembled with Netafim NMC Pro Controller
  • Venturi style operation with few moving parts
  • Dosing Channel Flow Rate: 1 to 158 GPH
  • Has up to 2 EC and 2 pH sensors
  • Easy to install and maintain, easily fitted into any existing system
  • Optional Remote Access and Monitoring through NMC Air
  • Mainline flow rate and working pressure: 13 GPM @ 55 PSI to 45 GPM @ 40 PSI


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