Netafim Micro-Sprinkler/Fogger Hanging Assembly

Netafim Micro-Sprinkler/Fogger Hanging Assembly

Product Description

Netafim Hanging Assembly with Stabilizer Weight is constructed from high quality, UV resistant plastics and uses Netafim's Super Flex UV White™ 4/7mm polyethylene tubing. Available in several lengths for just about any greenhouse application using overhead sprinklers, foggers, or misters. Barbed end for insertion in polyethylene tubing supply line and a female connector to attach the sprinkler, fogger, or mister units with check valves. Stabilizer weight keeps the sprinkler, fogger, or mister hanging plumb over the tables.


  • Solid white tubing is completely opaque to prevent algae growth
  • Reflective tubing withstands heat and direct sun, reducing water temperature for happier, healthier plants
  • Chemical resistant
  • .270" Barb

*Please Note: Image may not reflect actual item. Flexible tubing lengths available from 12" - 48". Use drop down menu to select your size.

Product Accessories
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