Netafim LP Disc-Kleen Filters Systems

Netafim LP Disc-Kleen Filters Systems

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The fully automatic LP Disc-Kleen filter by Netafim arrives fully factory assembled. Just hook it up and you're ready to go. A newly redesigned filter spine provides lower flushing pressure of just 30 PSI. This means no oversized pump or pressure sustaining valves are needed. Saves energy and equipment costs! Netafim's tested and proven depth filtration technology optimizes irrigation while saving water. The new lighter weight, smaller footprint filter stand is easier to move around. Get 20% more filtration area with the new longer spine and larger discs. This filter is what you need for surface water applications containing algae and other organic materials found in reservoirs, canals, rivers or wastewater and for well water containing sand (<3 ppm) and other contaminantes. 


  • Factory assembled and tested for a quick and easy (water in/water out) installation
  • Unit includes the 24V AC powered controller panel
  • Inlet manifold for the 3" LP model is located on top of filters for easy installation
  • Filtration: 140 Mesh disc
  • Can handle a wide flow range
  • Proven depth filtration filters through the entire depth of the disc ring, not just the surface
  • Non-corrosive, UV protected polypropylene materials resist rust and corrosion from chemicals and weather

Operating Specifications:  

  • Inlet and Outlet Connections: 6″ Grooved
  • Backflush Valve Flush Port: 2″ MPT
  • Maximum Operating Water Pressure: 90 PSI
  • Minimum Pressure for Backflush: 30 PSI
  • Minimum Backflush Flow Rate: 70 GPM
  • Minimum Allowable pH: 5
  • Drain Manifold: 2″ Grooved Outlet Connection
Product Specifications
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