Netafim Guardian Air/Vacuum Relief Vent

Netafim Guardian Air/Vacuum Relief Vent

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Product Description

Guardian Air Vents from Netafim provide maximum protection with proper placement in your irrigation system. The large capacity vents provide outstanding performance in venting air at start-up and preventing vacuum issues at shutdown. Guardian Air Vents are used downstream of valves, at the manifolds to break vacuum at system shutdown and on any sloping terrain to prevent vacuum issues when pipes drain. Also used upstream of valves to release air at system start-up.

How the Guardian Air/Vacuum Air Vents Operate

  1. Air is expelled from the system as water fills the lines until the float rises to seal the vent.
  2. Vent remains closed while system is operating under pressure.
  3. At system shutdown when lines start to empty or when system pressure drops the float drops and air is allowed to enter into the lines breaking any vacuum that may cause line collapse or suctioning in of dirt and debris.

Maximum operating pressure of the Guardian Air Vent is 150 PSI. Once system is pressurized the vents will remain closed until pressure drops to 5 PSI for the 3/4" and 1" models and 10 PSI for the 2" model. For additional information see Air/Vacuum Vents in our Education Center.


  • Constructed of corrosion resistant, UV protected composite material
  • Available Sizes include
    • 3/4" MPT (male pipe thread) connection
    • 1" MPT (male pipe thread) connection
    • 2" FPT (female pipe thread) connection
  • Five year manufacturer warranty
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