Netafim Apollo Disc-Kleen Filter

Netafim Apollo Disc-Kleen Filter

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Product Description

With over ten years of proven reliability, the Apollo Automatic Disc-Kleen filter by Netafim now has a new modular design. A longer filter element with larger sized discs offer more cleaning power and accommodates higher flow rates. This can save you money by reducing the number of filters needed in your system. A lower backflushing pressure, just 30 PSI, means no over-sizing of the pump is required and reduces the need for pressure sustaining valves. This redesigned, lightweight portable unit is easy to move from one location to another making it ideal for rotational crops. Compatible with chemical injection units place upstream. A great option for permanent and row crops needing a higher volume of water.


  • Comes pre-assembled for fast and easy installation
  • 10" manifold for all filter sizes means easier installation with less inventoried parts
  • Light-weight, easy to use polymeric (plastic) clamps secure the filter cover to the filter body
  • Depth filtration which ensures maximum protection of your irrigation system with surface or well water
  • Faster flush cycle, approximately 25 seconds
  • Lightweight polymeric clamp is easy to remove for maintenance access, just a small wrench and two bolts

Filtration Mode:  

During the filtration process, the discs are tightly compressed together allowing clean water to pass through the discs and trap debris.

Backflush Mode:

As debris in a filter increases, the backflush process is initiated. During backflush, the discs separate and jets of clean water spray and spin the discs removing the trapped debris which is then flushed out.

For calculating the maximum flow rate see instructions on page five in the operating manual linked above on our website.

Product Specifications
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