Netafim Angle Barbed Stake

Netafim Angle Barbed Stake

Product Description

The Netafim Angle Barbed Stake is comparable with Drip Arrow Sticks. It it meant to be used with 1/8" micro-tubing. The barb area has a notch or groove that allows the water to flow through the connected tubing out to the stake and down into the potted plant.

To Use:  

  1. Attach a dripper of your choosing to the 1/2" or larger poly tubing. Make sure the drip outlet is compatible with 1/8" (0.125" ID) tubing or a dripper manifold.
  2. Connect the 1/8" (0.125" ID) tubing to the dripper outlet or manifold.
  3. Cut the 1/8" (0.125" ID) tubing to the desire length to reach the pot or plant.
  4. Push the tubing over the barbed end of the Angle Barbed Stake.
  5. Secure stake in ground or pot near the plant.

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