Netafim 2\" Quick-Acting Relief Valve

Netafim 2" Quick-Acting Relief Valve

Product Description

The Netafim Quick-Acting Pressure Relief Valve is a 2" iron female threaded angle valve with a quick relief pilot valve installed to protect your pump station or filter units and pipeline from over-pressure situations. The valve sensing unit continually monitors pressure upstream of the valve and will quickly relieve excess pressure before any damage can occur. When the pressure returns to a normal level the valve slowly closes again. Very simple design for easy installation and maintenance. 


  • Adjustable set points for a variety of pressure ranges
  • Large water passages allow quicker venting for immediate protection
  • Slow closing valve reduces water hammer danger
  • Closure speed is adjustable
  • Direct sealing diaphragm with no stem, shaft, or bearings in the water passage
  • Also suitable for dirty water or wastewater

Valve Operation: 

During standard operation, the QR Valve is fully closed when the pressure is within normal conditions, below the QR valve set point. The desired pressure for venting is referred to as the set-point of the valve.

During an overpressure event, such as after pump start-up or a field valve closure, the pilot senses the increase in pressure and the valve quickly opens to relieve the pressure. The desired set-point is commonly set at 10 PSI over normal operating pressure.

Once the pressure drops to normal operating conditions the valve slowly closes. The closure speed is adjustable.

Product Specifications
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