Munro Smartbox - Standard

Munro Smartbox - Standard

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Product Description

The Munro SmartBox is a step ahead of the old standby StartBox as it includes pump protection features that will alert the control system of issues such as, loss of prime or run-dry, that may cause pump damage. Normally closed, 20 PSI, pressure sensor included. Additionally, the SmartBox provides personal protection against higher line voltage contact as all external devices operate at 24 volts. The SmartBox has a 40 amp relay to work with all single phase 3/4 hp - 5 hp turf irrigation pumps.


  • Available in 24v, 110v, 220v coils
  • Adjustable time delay (factory set at 30 seconds)
  • Relay and enclosure are UL listed
  • Pressure sensor and boot included for run-dry and dead-head protection
  • 4-wire color coded connections and easy quick connect terminals
  • Choice of durable stainless steel or blue powder coat finish


Product Specifications
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