Munro Centrifugal LP 1502 Pump

Munro Centrifugal LP 1502 Pump

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The Munro LP 1502 Centrifugal Pump is a unique model that promises multi-stage performance in a simple single-stage pump that requires less maintenance. This 2.5hp pump is capable of delivering approximately 60 GPM at 60 PSI. This self-priming centrifugal pump is commonly used for turf irrigation in residential, small community, and small commercial applications. You can be confident that the durable cast iron construction, heavy duty motor, brass impeller and silica carbide/carbon seal will stand up to the harshest conditions. Additional applications include water transfer and as a high pressure booster.

Minimal maintenance needs, make this pump your best choice. Easy to install with two priming ports and two drain plugs for easy winterizing. Stainless steel wear ring reduces oxidation and friction, while the stainless steel bolts and dry socket design make servicing a snap.


  • Single brass impeller means less maintenance and lower operation costs
  • Durable cast iron, stainless steel, and brass construction for long life
  • Sensor ports for optional temperature monitoring
  • Thermally protected motor - shuts down, preventing damage from over amping
  • 2" suction; 1-1/2" discharge

Please Note: We sincerely apologize for any confusion on the horsepower rating of the LP1502B pump motor. Some labels may read 2.5 hp with a service factor of 1.4 and others 2 hp with a service factor or 1.8.  Munro originally sold this pump with a 2 hp motor.  This motor has a higher than usual service factor of 1.8, so if you do the motor math, it actually runs very close to a 2.5 hp motor.  Munro, wanting to be as transparent as possible, decided we should relabel the motor to read 2.5 hp with a lower, more typical service factor of 1.4. In doing so, Munro completely misjudged the ripple effect it would create with the label change; and have since, as quickly as they could, moved back to the original motor labelling of 2hp. Due to production requirements and inventory flow, Munro decided to use those motors to maintain inventory levels of the LP1502B. Be assured the motor is the same whether the labels say 2 hp or 2.5 hp. Specifications in the Munro catalog and listed on our website are correct for the motor and pump.

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