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Multiple Outlet Dripper Manifold

Multiple Outlet Dripper Manifold

Product Description

The Multiple Outlet Dripper Manifolds are a great way to increase the number of plants one dripper can water. Attach the manifold to a dripper outlet, then run appropriate sized tubing from manifold outlets to plants to create multiple watering lines per dripper. Using holding stakes or drip arrow sticks will help secure drip tubing in pot or near plant (see item links below, on our website). This application works great for greenhouses and nurseries. 

  • 1/8" barb outlet fits tubing with .125" ID

As an example: add a 4 Way manifold to one 2 GPH dripper, each plant will receive .5 GPH.

Please note: This item may come in a + or an x formation as the manufacturer is transitioning to the new x style.

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