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MixRite TF-25 Series Fertilizer Injector

MixRite TF-25 Series Fertilizer Injector

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The MixRite TF 25 Series are designed for high water flow for fertigation, pesticide and other in-line additives. They are intended for typical fertilizers, pesticides and agriculture or irrigation additives. They are not designed for strong acids, alkalines or solvents. The TF 25 is designed for water flow up to 110 gpm (25 m³/hr.) and operates from 4.4 – 110 gpm (16 – 416L / min.).

The TF 25 has 2” NPT threaded connection for in-line mounting.

MixRite Irrigation Water Driven Injectors

MixRite Water Driven Injectors are water powered proportioning pumps that require no electricity and deliver accurate dispensing across varying water pressure and water flow and are ideally suited for in-line injection. MixRites have numerous in-line applications including sanitizing, cleaning and lubricating processing equipment, in-line application of vehicle wash chemicals, in-line addition of fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides for agriculture and irrigation, dosing of livestock vitamins into the water supply and in-line addition of machine tool coolants and water based lubricants for metal processing plus many more. MixRites also produce superior foam to any other device and are excellent for portable, wall mount or drop station foam generation.

All units include a free lip seal kit and a small container of silicone grease.

TF 25 High Flow Fertigation:

  • Chemically resistant nylon reinforce fiberglass body on all models
  • Stainless steel springs for durability
  • Easily replaceable wear parts
  • Higher operating range from 2.9 PSI to 120 PSI
  • Hose barbs with swivel for easy installation
  • Injection from .3% to 2.5% 
  • Flow rate from 4.4 – 110 gpm (16 – 416L / min.).
  • Includes inlet tubing with foot valve strainer

Model No.

Induction Rates

Chemical Shut-Off

TF25-001 ON/OFF

.1 to 1%


TF25-002 ON/OFF

.2 to 2%


TF25-005 ON/OFF

1% to 5%


Note: The TF25.001ON/OFF is for Chlorine and PAA

MixRite injectors are:

  • A true hydraulically powered injector. No electricity is required.  
  • A true proportioning injector. Automatically adjusts the rate of injection to maintain the same fertilizer proportions.

MixRite injectors come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.