MixRite 3.5 Series

MixRite 3.5 Series

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The 3.5 Series Fertilizer Injectors require no external power source.  It is hydraulically powered with minimal loss of pressure.  The adjustable rate proportioning unit injects liquid additives in direct relation to the amount of water passing through the motor. The injector is manufactured with Aflas o-rings throughout and enhanced Viton chemical seals. Contains Hastelloy and plastic engine springs for better chemical compatibility.


  • Dosing By Internal Bypass
  • Injection Rate: Adjustable 1405M - 1-5%; 1410M - 1-10 %
  • Operating Pressure: 5.3 to 120 PSI
  • Flow rate: 0.9 to 14 GPM
  • Manual On/Off

Applications include: Fertilizers, Sanitizers, Mild Acids, PAA, Chlorinated Chemicals, Cleaning Solvents and more.

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