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Melnor Automatic Water Shut-Off

Melnor Automatic Water Shut-Off

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Product Description

The Melnor Automatic Water Shut-Off Flow Meter will automatically shut-off the water flow once the cycle has completed. Eliminates over-watering because you forgot to shut off the sprinkler. Attach automatic flow meter to the outdoor spigot, attach your garden hose and sprinkler or soaker hose and set the dial to the desired volume in gallons or liters, then turn on the faucet. Turn dial clockwise only. This is not recommended for low pressure systems, such as drip irrigation.


  • Measures exact amount of water at any pressure
  • On/off function to use like a faucet
  • Operating Pressure Range: 20-80 PSI
  • Limited Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

*Please Note: This is not a programable water timer. You must set the desired GPH flow at each use.

Product Specifications
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