Mazzei Suction Line Kits w/ Injectors

Mazzei Suction Line Kits w/ Injectors

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Each Mazzei Suction Line / Injector Kit includes a Suction Line Kit, the F-30 L Liquid Flow Meter and a Venturi Injector. All parts are sold separately if one of these kits does not meet your system needs.

Mazzei Venturi systems offer a low cost solution for precise chemical applications in agricultural irrigation systems. Injecting chemicals into a pressurized irrigation system known as (chemigation) is the most common application for Mazzei Injectors in agriculture. 

How a Mazzei® Venturi Injector Works
When pressurized water enters the injector inlet, it is constricted toward the injection chamber and changes into a high-velocity jet stream. This increased velocity through the injection chamber results in a lower absolute pressure. This creates a vacuum, which enables an additive material to be drawn through the suction port and incorporate into the water stream. As the jet stream is diffused toward the injector outlet, its velocity is reduced and it is reconverted into lower pressure energy. 

Mazzei pioneered this simple-to-use, easy to install solution more than 30 years ago. Using high-efficiency patented and trademarked Mazzei Venturi injectors, Mazzei’s chemigation technology delivers a uniform distribution of chemicals and fertilizers within the irrigation water. Mazzei Injectors offer the advantage of an easy to maintain, non-mechanical system. With no moving parts, and often, no supplemental pump system, Mazzei is a cost-effective choice. Because Mazzei Injectors are designed for vacuum (not pressure) transfer of irrigation chemicals, they provide safe chemigation.


  • Easy installation
  • Years of proven performance
  • Uniform chemical injection
  • Injection stops when water flow stops
  • Highly resistant to most acids and alkalis
  • Versatile and cost effective
  • High tensile strength

Mazzei Quick Sizing Chart

Injector Size

1/2” Model 283

1/2” Model 287

1/2” Model 384

3/4” Model 484A

3/4” Model 584

1” Model 878

1” Model 1078

Irrigation System Flow

Very Low







Minimum Flow required at 50 PSI inlet pressure

30 GPH

60 GPH

150 GPH

240 GPH

425 GPH

750 GPH

1050 GPH

Fertilizer Suction Rate at 30 PSI injector outlet pressure



10 GPH

12 GPH

21 GPH

56 GPH

86 GPH

Fertilizer Suction Rate at 10 PSI injector outlet pressure



14 GPH

17 GPH

25 GPH

75 GPH

92 GPH

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