Lead Free Brass PRV6 Pressure Reducer by Aqualine

Lead Free Brass PRV6 Pressure Reducer by Aqualine

Product Description

PRV6 Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

The PRV6 Pressure Regulator from Aqualine is lead free brass construction. Has a durable brass bonnet with solder union x FPT connections. This item is rated for constant (static) pressure and will reduce the pressure in your system to the desired preset PSI.  Unit is adjustable from 25 - 75 PSI and factory preset at 50 PSI.

Installation Tips: 

  • Flush dirt and scale from supply pipe
  • Install regulator vertically or horizontally (upright or inverted), but the regulator must be installed with the arrow in the direction of flow
  • Regulator is preset at 50 PSI. To adjust, loosen locknut and turn adjusting screw clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease, then re-tighten lock nut
  • This regulator has a built-in thermal expansion bypass. If the inlet pressure is higher than the discharge setting of the water heater (typically 150 PSI) or if there is a check valve or backflow preventer installed on the line, you must make provisions for pressure relief protection to protect your plumbing system and its components
  • Should be installed in an accessible location

Maintenance Tips:

  • To clean strainer or replace seat/stem module shut-off supply, loosen lock nut and back off adjusting screw
  • Replace module and reassemble valve
  • Re-adjust pressure setting

IAPMO® Listed; CSA® Certified; NSF® Listed; Certified to NSF/ANSI 372

Product Specifications
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