K-Rain Super Pro Rotor

K-Rain Super Pro Rotor

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K-Rain SuperPro Rotor

SuperPro rotors with Intelligent Flow Technology and patented Flow Control allows both the reduction of distance flow rate by 50%, simultaneously! Water savings of up to 30% or more is achieved with this innovative feature. SuperPro rotors deliver matched precipitation eliminating dry spots and providing better zone performance. Water flow can be turned off during nozzle installation or adjustment, with the riser remaining in popped-up position. SuperPro rotors have a patented Arc Memory Clutch that returns the rotor to its pre-set position. Designed for medium to large landscape areas, the adjustable arc and full-circle gear driven rotor comes standard with interchangeable nozzles.


  • 3/4" FPT Inlet
  • Adjustable Arc: 40° to a continuous 360°
  • Intelligent Flow Technology
  • Reduce Distance by Reducing flow rate
  • Time Savings on Every Project, new or retrofit
  • Rugged RPS Family Construction
  • Conserves Water
  • Superior Uniformity
  • Fewer Zones Required
  • Improved Hydraulics
  • Includes Standard Nozzles (26º trajectory) and Low Angle Nozzles (12º trajectory)

*Each rotor order includes one Flat blade Adjustment Tool. Additional sold separately.

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