K-Rain Pro 150 Valve

K-Rain Pro 150 Valve

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Pro Series 150 Valves

The wide array of features makes the K Rain ProSeries 150 Valve a great choice among irrigation professionals.  With the removable metering pin and external bleed screw, manual operation and maintenance is a breeze.  


  • Heavy Duty, Corrosion and UV Resistant PVC Construction increases the life of the valve
  • External Bleed Screw with Removable Metering Pin allows for easy cleaning of the metering pin without disassembling the valve
  • Manual External Bleed Screw provides easy manual operation in system start-up
  • Manual Internal Bleed through Solenoid provides easy manual operation without discharging water outside the valve
  • Captured Plunger allows for the solenoid to be removed without losing the internal plunger
  • Flow Control for precise flow adjustment and manual shut-off
  • Unique design of the Heavy-Duty Santoprene® Diaphragm improves durability of diaphragm


  • Pressure Range: 20 to 150 PSI
  • Flow Range: 5 to 120 GPM
  • Standard solenoid: 24 VAC 60 Cycle
  • Inrush Current: .4 AMP
  • Holding Current: .2 AMP
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