K-Rain Bluetooth Tap Timer

K-Rain Bluetooth Tap Timer

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The K-Rain TC-KR Bluetooth Tap Timer makes automating your irrigation system quick and convenient. Simple to use Bluetooth app controls your irrigation needs through your smartphone or tablet. Keep your lawn areas and flower beds beautiful with either the misting/propagation or irrigation mode of the controller. Unit requires one 9V battery (battery not included). 

Requires iOS 7 or Android V4.3 minimum with free downloadable APP.

Programming Specifications:

Irrigation Mode:

  • 8 start times per day
  • Run times: 1 minute to 12 hours
  • Variety of Cycles: Days of the week, Odd/Odd 31/Even days, every other 1 to 31 days
  • Rain delays up to 15 days or permanent
  • Manual Start/Stop

Misting Mode:

  • Run times from 5 seconds to 24 hours
  • Intervals between run times: 30 seconds to 31 days
  • Up to 4 start times per day
  • Cycles: days of the week

Please Note: This is not WiFi. Bluetooth is short range signal (10' - 90') and may require direct line of sight for optimal operation.

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