Jain Lateral Flush Valve, 1/2\" MPT

Jain Lateral Flush Valve, 1/2" MPT

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Lateral Flush Valve

We all know how important it is to flush our systems before operation and often throughout the season. This automatic  flush valve from Jain will allow your system to flush at each operating interval to help keep your system clear of debris that may clog your emitters. This valve also serves as an air relief valve, expelling air while the system fills with water. The Jain flush valve has an easy access diaphragm for maintenance and flow variance. Recommended installation is at the end of laterals or low points. For easy access and maintenance these can be installed in a small valve or bubbler box. We suggest digging out some of the soil and placing gravel below the flush valve for drainage. 


  • 1/2" MPT connection
  • Combination air relief and flush valve
  • Durable, weather resistant and non-corrosive material
  • Removable top for diaphragm maintenance
  • Protects irrigation system and components
  • Variable flow diaphragm
  • Use Low Flow side of diaphragm for 2-5 GPM
  • Use High Flow side of diaphragm for 5-12 GPM

Removing the diaphragm is easy: First, the valves red locking ring rotates counter-clockwise for access to the diaphragm; then, lift the cover and remove the diaphragm for cleaning or flip it over for alternate flow application. 

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