Jain Green Spin Assembly

Jain Green Spin Assembly

Product Description

Jain Green Spin Assembly - No LPD

Green Spin overhead micro sprinkler is widely used in greenhouse applications. This model Green Spin assembly is equipped with an anti-mist feature and a weight to keep the sprinkler hanging straight. Its unique bridgeless design eliminates two major problems, dripping on the plants below and dry spots. The swivel design produces a flat trajectory keeping objects dry above the nozzle level.


  • Flat trajectory, no water above the nozzle level
  • Bridgeless design – no dripping on plant below
  • Field friendly, may be assembled and disassembled in the field
  • Compatible with all Dan parts and accessories
  • Overhead irrigation for greenhouse and hoop house applications
  • Recommended filtration 120 mesh
  • Made of durable plastic for long term field operations – high UV resistance
  • Clog resistant due to large water passages
  • Uniform distribution of water and fertilizers

Applications include: Irrigation and propagation, greenhouse or hoop and shade houses, cooling of poultry and livestock.

GreenSpin ConfigurationOrifice SizeGPH@ 29PSIWetted Diameter @ 6'
Orange Nozzle/Orange Antimist/Gray Swivel.04718.526.2 feet
Product Specifications
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