Irritrol SR-1 Pump Start Relay by Toro Ag

Irritrol SR-1 Pump Start Relay by Toro Ag

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SR-1 Pump Start Relay

The SR-1 Pump Start Relay is designed to start a pump to supply water pressure and flow to an irrigation system or for switching to control landscape lighting transformers. It is the perfect add-on to the Toro Evolution AG series Controllers. It is also used with irrigation pumps when the Irrigation Clock Control calls for an "on cycle" the pump start relay converts the 24VAC low voltage from your controller to energize the pump with 120VAC or 240VAC line voltage. The SR-1 pump start relay comes enclosed in a weather resistant case for outdoor protection. 


  • Allows remote pump switching using 24V ac output from an irrigation controller’s master valve/pump start circuit
  • Opens and closes main power contacts for pumps (1HP at 120V ac 1 Phase or 2HP at 250V ac 1 Phase)
  • Irritrol Brand - SR-1 - Pump Start Relay
  • Relay mounts indoors or outdoors
  • Mounted in lockable weather resistant case
  • Has electrical relays for both low and high voltage power

Note: 2hp at 120V ac will exceed maximum amp rating.

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