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Irritrol Omnireg Adjustable Pressure Regulator

Irritrol Omnireg Adjustable Pressure Regulator

Product Description

The Omnireg Pressure Regulator allows the user to quickly and accurately set the exact downstream pressure required for any application. 

Key Features: 

  • Maintains constant downstream pressure, regardless of widely varying inlet pressure, for consistent operation of heads. Inlet pressure must be 10 psi more than outlet pressure.
  • One model fits all heavy-duty commercial 100 Series (Century PLUS), 700 Series (UltraFlow®), 200B and 311A Series valves*
  • Requires only 1 GPM to operate making it ideal for low flow applications.
  • “Drop in” installation is fast and easy, requiring tightening of only two captured screws, reducing labor time.
Product Specifications
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