Irritec THF Replacement Filter for Large T- Filter Cartridge

Irritec THF Replacement Filter for Large T- Filter Cartridge

Product Description

This Replacement Filter Element is for the Irritec Large T-Filter (THF model), item 4655, only. Easy to clean!

Screen element - Just remove screen element from filter and spray/rinse clean. Debris is captured on the inside of the screen so frequent flushing may result in fewer take-apart cleanings.

Disc element - Simply remove the disc element from the filter body and turn the handle on the disc stack to loosen the stack for spray rinsing without having to remove the discs from the stack, or if necessary, release discs completely for detailed cleaning of each individual disc. Debris is captured on the outside of the disc stack and between discs in tiny grooved areas.


  • Available in screen or disc style
  • Available in 75; 120; or 155 mesh, depending on type
  • Length: approximately 15" - 17", depending on type
  • Diameter: approximately 5.5" across

For assistance with selecting the best mesh or micron size to meet your filtration needs, see these helpful resources on the Drip Depot website.

Filter Buying Guide

Mesh vs Micron 

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