Irritec Replacement Body for THF & TIF Filters

Irritec Replacement Body for THF & TIF Filters

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Replacement body section for Irritec large (THF) and x-large (TIF) filters. The body is the section that features the inlet/outlet connections. Outlet Cap and Stainless Steel Clamp are sold separately (see links listed below in the accessory section). Please note that when installing the replacement body you will need to install following the correct directional flow for your disc or screen filter element, depending on which one you have. See the video linked above for assistance.

Screen Element - The dirty water flows into the center of the screen element and out through the screen, clean water then exits on the outside of the element through the filter outlet.

Disc Element - The dirty water flows from the outside through the stacked discs and clean water exits from the center of the disc element to the filter outlet.

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