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Irritec Plastic 1/2\" MPT Part Circle Impact Sprinkler

Irritec Plastic 1/2" MPT Part Circle Impact Sprinkler

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This is a Part Circle Plastic Impact Sprinkler on 1/2" MPT (male pipe thread) connection. Manufacturer's Specifications list coverage area as diameter in feet.  So the distance from the sprinkler head out (radius) would be half the distance referenced.


  • Color coded nozzles for easy identification
  • Made from engineering grade plastic (Delrin) for extreme durability
  • Stainless steel spring and fulcrum
  • Specially designed bayonet nozzles
  • Adjustable from full 360° circle to part circle 15° - 345°
  • Trajectory: 25°

Mini irrigation units, like the Irritec Impact Sprinkler, are the next stage in the evolution from traditional irrigation with its large flow, high pressure and long jet range. Self-propelled and large-scale irrigation units are increasingly impractical these days due to the questionable effects on crops and the environment. In fact, an old-fashioned irrigation system can easily be replaced with standing irrigation units with low flow rates, low pressure and short to medium jet range. The lower volume is the meeting point of localized drip irrigation and traditional irrigation methods.

Low flow is not an alternative to drip irrigation, but often complementary to it.

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