Irritec Non-PC - DP Line

Irritec Non-PC - DP Line

Product Description

DP Line from Irritec is a non pressure compensating drip line with no seams, making it extremely reliable and easy to install in any above ground, straight row application. This durable 40 mil drip line stores and ships flat, like drip tape, but can be hung on wires making it perfect for vineyards. This non PC dripline is compatible with Irritec 1/2" Perma-Loc fittings. Constructed with injection molded drippers with integrated inlet filter for high resistance to clogging and uniform water distribution over long runs. The low profile drip emitter is welded on the inside wall, keeping friction loss to a minimum.


  • Drip Emitter CV's are 2.5% or less
  • Optimum Operating Pressure is 8 to 15 PSI
  • For use in straight rows only, not suited for curves or bends
  • Turbulent flow path design resists clogging, even at low pressures
  • UV resistant
  • Available roll length: 1700 feet

Please Note: This item ships directly from manufacturer (Irritec).

Product Specifications
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