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Irritec Drip Clip Punch/Installation Tool

Irritec Drip Clip Punch/Installation Tool

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Drip Clip Punch/Installation Tool

This punch and dripper installation tool is a great choice for experienced installers needing to punch and insert many drip emitters. One tool does it all! This will punch the hole in your 1/2" (16 - 20 mm) poly tubing with a squeeze of the handles, then with a dripper inserted into the holding place you squeeze again to insert the dripper into the hole you just punched. This is perfect for vineyards, or anywhere with long runs of tubing and individual drippers like blueberries. Tool has easy non slip grips, great for larger sized hands, and a heavy duty spring for long lasting use. Works great with a variety of button style drippers (16 - 23 mm). Includes adapters for holding the smaller drippers and smaller tubing.

To Use:

  1. Insert drip emitter into the holding place (use adapter if necessary). Barbed inlet towards tubing cradle.
  2. Place 1/2" poly tubing in the tubing cradle and push cradle back under the punch tip. Squeeze handles to punch hole.
  3. Release cradle to forward position, squeeze handle again to insert barbed drip emitter into punched hole.

Please Note: Punch tool is not compatible with all drippers including the Netafim Woodpecker and Woodpecker Jr.

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