iDrop PC Emitter with Barbed Outlet and CNL Feature

iDrop PC Emitter with Barbed Outlet and CNL Feature

Product Description

iDrop PC – PCDS – pressure compensating dripper

Suitable for orchards, vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses and wherever a precise flow rate is required. With a uniform flow rate of between 10 and 65 PSI, the iDrop PC – PCDS is ideal for systems with long lines and steep slopes. 


  • Turbulent flow prevents clogging and sedimentation
  • Technopolymer construction ensures durability and resistance to commonly used chemicals and fertilizers
  • Color coded base for easy flow rate identification
  • Pressure range 10 - 65 PSI
  • Two types of outlet: 1) Multifunctional outlet suitable for connection to microtubes (4 mm inner diameter) and multi-outlet manifold (1, 2, 4 and multiple); 2) Barb outlet (hose connection) for 6×4 microtubes or manifold
  • Available with PCDS Drop-Stop anti-drip system
  • Opening pressure: 5.5 PSI
  • Sealing pressure: 4 PSI

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