Hydro-Rain Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor

Hydro-Rain Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor

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No one wants to water when it's raining outside! Hydro-Rain’s HRC 100 wireless rain or rain/freeze sensor automatically suspends irrigation watering cycles when it rains or freezes.


  • No tools required for installation - rain gutter bracket is equipped with for quick and easy installation
  • Adjustable Moisture Activation - 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" rainfall settings for variable climates
  • Includes Hygroscopic Discs that absorb water to activate rain switch
  • Reliable Freeze Sensor shuts off timer when temperature drops to 37°F
  • Compatible with most brands of 24 Volt sprinkler timers
  • Transmission Range of over 300' in direct line of sight
  • Manual Bypass Control allows for deactivation during sprinkler system maintenance
  • Dry Vent allows air to be circulated or dampened for fast or slow dry, effectively reducing time for the next watering cycle

Electrical Specifications:

  • AC Supply: 24 - 26 VAC
  • Relay Contacts Output: Normally Open and Normally Closed 3A@24VAC 
Product Specifications
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