Hydro-Rain Wired Rain/Freeze Sensor

Hydro-Rain Wired Rain/Freeze Sensor

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Adding a rain sensor to your automated irrigation system saves even more money and conserves water. Hydro-Rain’s HRC 100 hardwire rain sensor is designed to turn off sprinkler systems during rainy or freezing weather. The HRC 100 is easy to install and will provide years of reliable operation. Constructed of heavy-duty, UV-protected ABS. Includes easy to install aluminum mounting bracket, and heavy-jacketed copper wire. The only major brand in the industry with the thermostat feature standard on every hardwire rain sensor. HRC 100 is compatible with most brands of 24 VAC controllers.


  • Quick-Set Adjustment - 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" rainfall settings for variable climates
  • Rain Gutter Mounting Bracket - easy, no tools required
  • Rain Off  feature keeps the sprinkler system off during rain
  • Freeze Off feature shuts off sprinkler system when temperature drops below 37°F
  • Hygroscopic Discs absorb water to activate rain switch
  • Includes 30 feet of heavy-duty jacketed connection wire
  • Sensor can easily be mounted to 1/2" conduit with adapter, included in kit
  • Dry Vent allows air circulation adjustment for fast or slow dry

Electrical Specifications:

  • AC Supply: 24 - 26VAC
  • Relay Contacts Output: Normally Open and Normally Closed 3A@24VAC


Product Specifications
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