Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Coupler

Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Coupler

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Use a PVC-Lock Coupler to join two sections of PVC pipe, of same size, together.

PVC-Lock® is an easy-to-use fitting that will save you time and eliminate the need for messy (and toxic) primer and glue. The PVC-Lock fitting easily pushes on standard PVC pipe, where it locks in place and is ready to use; no glues, no primer, no clamps, no tools or drying time required. Great for repair or installing pvc pipe sprinkler systems. Works in wet or dry conditions.


  • Patent Pending “Push-and-Go” Design - 100% tool and chemical free approach that cuts installation time in half or more
  • PVC-Lock® Fittings are Chemical Free - Glueless, tool-free installation protects the environment and the long-term health of your crew
  • Durable ABS (PA-746H) Body and rings
  • EPDM Seal
  • Patent Pending Retaining System - 304 Stainless steel teeth grip pipe tight for a strong, leak-proof connection
  • Swivels on the Pipe - After installation PVC-Lock® fittings can swivel 360° around the pipe allowing easy sprinkler head orientation and adjustment
  • For use with all brands of Schedule 40 and 80, and Class PVC pipe
  • Removable & Reusable - On-site sizing adjustments are easy using the PVC-Lock removal tool
  • Pressure Rated - Use on either side of the irrigation valve
  • IAPMO IGC 300-2013 Certified
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