Hydro-Rain 1/2\" Blu-Lock Elbow

Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock Elbow

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Blu-Lock 1/2" Swing Pipe Elbow

This 90 degree elbow can be used when you need to make a tight 90 degree turn in your run of 1/2" Blu-Lock swing pipe.

1/2" Blu-Lock® Swing Pipe, Swing Pipe Fittings & Assemblies

Hydro-Rain® offers a new and better way for sprinkler installation. Everything you do from the valve out, you can now do faster and easier with Blu-Lock. With the Blu-Lock system you don't need primer, glue or clamps.

*For non-constant pressure valve-out outdoor irrigation connections only.


  • Patented “Push-and-Go” design is 100% tool and chemical free approach cutting installation time in half
  • Patented Quick-Release Collar on 1/2" swing fittings is a quick-release mechanism that allows tool-free removal
  • Blu-Lock® Fittings with outside diameter (OD) technology ensure lower friction loss for better efficiency
  • Glueless, tool-free installation protects the environment and the long-term health of your crew

Blu-Lock® 1/2" Swing Pipe Fittings Specifications: 

  • Max working pressure: 80 PSI at 72°F
  • Burst Pressure: Exceeds 220 PSI
  • Working Pressure: 10-80 PSI
  • Body Material: ABS(PA-717)
  • Retaining Ring Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Seal Material: EPDM

Blu-Lock® 1/2" Swing Pipe (LDPE) Specifications:

  • Operating Pressure: 80 PSI
  • Pressure loss at 6 GPM: 5 PSI
  • Outer Dimensions: .59"
  • Inner Dimensions: .43"
  • Wall Thickness: .08"

Please Note: Total compatibility of fittings, pipe, manifolds, valves, and saddles within the Blu-Lock family only. Not compatible with PVC or low pressure poly tubing. Do not use for potable drinking water.

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