Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle Body

Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle Body

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Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle Body

The Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle Tap system is the fastest and easiest to install irrigation saddle in the world. Tested and proven to be under 5 second installation. The molded-open position of the body clamp, allows the installer to snap the body over the pipe, push, and lock. It's that easy! Another key is the tap-thread ratio - HydroRain has reduced the number of revolutions required to insert the saddle tap tee. Lastly, save even more time with this Blu-Lock swing pipe adapter connection.

Fast and easy Installation

  1. Snap the ergonomic saddle clamp over the Blu-Lock tubing/pipe.
  2. Push and twist the, easy to install, winged saddle tap tee into the saddle body clamp.
  3. Install the Blu-Lock swing pipe directly into the saddle tap adapter.
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