Hydro-Rain Bhyve Pro Wi-Fi Controller

Hydro-Rain Bhyve Pro Wi-Fi Controller

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Hydro-Rain HRC-400 Wi-Fi controller powered by B-Hyve app is bringing the most feature filled irrigation controller to the forefront of the irrigation industry. The HRC family of controllers is still considered the easiest to program in the market. Now, with the flexibility of control from the Android or iOS app or bluetooth technology on your computer or smart device or right at the controller with the familiar intuitive interface, this controller is perfect for everyone. The ideal controller for residential or light commercial use with 8 or 16 station models. Multi-site management feature allows professional to access many controllers from a single app. Additionally, you can set your own watering schedules or allow the controller to do it for you. Smart WeatherSenseTM technology receives local weather data and automatically adjusts the controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants. 


  • 3 programs with 4 start times per program
  • Indoor/Outdoor cabinet provides weather protection and security
  • Battery backup retains programming in event of power loss
  • Interactive, multi input dial and oversized LCD display make programming quick and easy
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi app access via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • EPA WaterSense approved
  • Rain sensor bypass allows manual or automatic rain delay of 24, 48, 72 hours, or 4 to 32 days
  • Wireless Rain Sensor compatible
  • Cycle and Soak feature for optimal watering options

Hydro-Rain is the commercial division of Orbit so when you purchase a Hydro-Rain product, you will get all of the same reliability and product confidence you have come to expect from Orbit.

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