Hunter Specialty Nozzles

Hunter Specialty Nozzles

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Hunter’s innovative specialty nozzles accommodate the needs of narrow planting areas and sloping landscapes. The specialty nozzles include center and end strips, corner and side strips, short radius and multi-stream models. These reliable, wind resistant sprays work where the fixed or adjustable nozzles won’t. The specialty nozzles are designed with the same quality materials as the other Hunter nozzles, ensuring complete coverage in challenging areas. Built to last in harsh conditions. Individual filter included with each nozzle.

Short Radius Nozzles:

  • Engineered specifically for irrigation of close-in spaces
  • Available in three different radius versions for total coverage assurance

Strip Pattern Nozzles:

  • Designed for accurate coverage of strip areas
  • Available in 6 different pattern options/versions

Stream Nozzles:

  • Adjustable arc models to handle stream sprays with ease
  • At 30 PSI, these can water as far as 8' - 16', making them a great choice for slopes, ground cover and shrubbery

*Pair with Pro-Spray® PRS30 pop-up for optimal performance and accurate pressure regulation of 30 PSI.

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