Hunter PS Ultra Spray Body

Hunter PS Ultra Spray Body

Product Description

This compact slim-line PS Ultra has all the features for any installation. With five nozzle choices available: 10A, 12A, 15A, 17A, and 5’ x 30’ side strip (side strip for use with 4” and under models only).  Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

These units do not include the nozzles.  The nozzles displayed are for demonstration purposes only.


  • Enhanced cap for more durability, easier handling, and extended riser life.
  • 4" models can retro-fit into older style PS sprays
  • Two-piece ratcheting riser
  • Male threaded riser to accept all female nozzles
  • Does not include large filter screen
  • Heavy duty spring
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Product Specifications
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