Hunter PGJ Series Rotors

Hunter PGJ Series Rotors

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Hunter built the PGJ model to bring all the benefits of the efficient rotary sprinklers to applications usually calling for a spray. It features a durable rubber cover, easy to adjust arc, and includes the water-efficient easy to install/change nozzles. The PGJ can be combined with larger rotors in the same zone to effectively cover both large and small areas in one zone. When used in the right application, the PGJ is a more economical choice by allowing fewer heads to perform more efficiently. 


  •  40° - 360° arc setting
  •  8 Nozzle choices
  •  Nozzle range: 0.75' to 5.0'
  •  Standard factory installed nozzle: 2.0
  •  Durable rubber cover
  •  Through-the-top arc adjustment
  •  Quick check arc mechanism
  •  Water lubricated gear-drive

Note: Any Rotor order includes one adjustment tool, regardless of number of units ordered. Insertion collar sold separately.

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