Hunter HCC Retrofit Kit for ICC & ICC2

Hunter HCC Retrofit Kit for ICC & ICC2

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This Retrofit Upgrade Kit for ICC and ICC2 allows original ICC & ICC2 owners to upgrade their units to Wi-Fi-enabled smart control. The kit contains everything needed to upgrade to wifi control using the Hydrawise software. Virtually changes your ICC controller to the new HCC controller. Details and instructions are found in the HCC manuals.

Simple instructions to retrofit your ICC and ICC2 controller to a Hydrawise-ready controller:

Important: Turn AC power off at the source, and verify that it is off before you begin.

Replace FacePack:

  1. Disconnect the facepack ribbon cable.
  2. Remove and replace the ICC or ICC2 facepack with the HCC Hydrawise-ready facepack.

Replace Power Module:

  1. Remove all wiring from the ICC or ICC2 power module.
  2. Remove and replace power module by rotating the locking lever up, then insert the new power module and rotate the locking lever down.
  3. Reinstall power module wires.
  4. Reconnect ribbon cable to facepack and power module.

Configure your controller following the Hydrawise Instructions.

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