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Hunter HC Flow Meter

Hunter HC Flow Meter

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HC Flow Meter by Hunter is compatible with all hydrawise software enabled controllers. Flow meters allow greater control of your overall irrigation efficiency by monitoring the amount of water use. The HC Flow Meter goes a step further by detecting and reporting critical flow data right to you through the Hydrawise software. This feature allows problems to be addressed immediately, thus preventing serious damage to your landscape, which saves you money and conserves water.

The HC Flow Meter is now available in larger sizes, up to 2" connections, for large residential systems or commercial applications. All four sizes include an on-meter dial gauge that displays readings in US gallons. 

Using the HC flow meter connected to a Hydrawise compatible controller allows you to monitor flow; detect leaks; note unusually high or low flow; water outage during irrigation; and reports on total water use and zone water use. 


  • Meters are factory calibrated
  • Flow directional markings on body
  • Electrical connection has 2 dedicated wires in shielded cable
  • Average 2% accuracy at recommended flow
  • Durable construction - brass body with PVC reading cap
  • Dial Reading: 1 pulse per 0.1 US gallon
ModelInlet/Outlet ConnectionMinimum Flow RateMaximum Flow RateDimensions (Inches)
HC-075-FLOW 3/4" MPT0.22 GPM15 GPM9.1L x 3.1H x 3.1W
HC-100-FLOW 1" MPT0.30 GPM30 GPM10.3L x 3.6H x 3.1W
HC-150-FLOW 1 1/2" MPT0.88 GPM66 GPM16.9L x 6.3H x 4.9W
HC-200-FLOW2" MPT1.98 GPM105 GPM17.5L x 6.3H x 4.9W
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