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HRS-200 Commercial Spray w/ Adjustable Pressure Regulation

HRS-200 Commercial Spray w/ Adjustable Pressure Regulation

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Product Description

Hydro-Rain has completely redesigned the HRS 200 Commercial Sprays. It is the most innovative spray head in the market today! More robust and ready for any commercial, municipal or residential application. With adjustable pressure regulation, 30 or 40 PSI, by simply turning a screw coupled with the patented Hydro-Seal check valve make these the only sprinkler sprays you'll ever need. Whether using traditional spray or rotator type heads, the HRS 200 is compatible with any other manufacturer's female threaded spray nozzles. Pair with the HRN nozzles and you will have matched precipitation over your entire system. Hydro-Rain's HRS 200 deliver consistent performance season after season!

These come preset at 30 PSI, make one full rotation counter clockwise to take it to 40 PSI. 


  • Durable cap with superior threads
  • Improved Seal
    • Five sealing surfaces defend against leaks on the stem and cap
    • Pressure activated seal, sealing tight to the cap and riser
    • Over molded with a core of ridged plastic, stands up to corrosives
  • WaterSense® Certified adjustable pressure regulating models increase nozzle efficiency while conserving water
  • Unique patent pending pressure reducer adjusts from 30 psi for spray nozzles to 40 psi for rotary nozzles with the turn of a screwdriver
  • Hydro-Seal™ check valve eliminates low head drainage and speeds initial pop-up
  • The body has been beefed up with buttresses added under the cap for better grip
  • Spray head pockets are designed to catch debris preventing wear and tear


  • Cap diameter: 2 1/4"
  • 4" pop-up has a body height of 6"
  • 6" pop-up has a body height of 9"
  • 12" pop-up has a body height of 16"

Please note: Model HRS-200-SA-PR does not "pop-up" is is a shrub adapter that can be attached to a 1/2" male NPT riser. Often used in shrub gardens connected at or above ground.  The 12" pop-up model, HRS-200-12-PR, has a side inlet connection as well as the bottom inlet. The 12" models are often used in ground cover areas where additional height is needed to get spray above the plants.

Due to the shorter length of the shaft on the 2" model, HRS-200-02-PR, the nozzle filters will need to be removed for installation. This is not recommended in dirty-water applications or systems without primary filtration systems

Product Specifications
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