Grow-it-Now Plant Protectors

Grow-it-Now Plant Protectors

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Product Description

Be First and Last to Harvest:

Grow it Now! Plant Protectors are the superior alternative to expensive high tunnels and greenhouses. Helping you be the first and last to harvest. Giving you bragging rights with your friends and neighbors. Helping you produce hearty and heathier plants.

This Plant Protector is a polyethylene dome that is designed to hold up against heavy winds and destructive frosts. The Grow it Now! Plant Protector not only protects plants but stimulates plant growth. The plant protector allows light to pass through freely allowing for plenty of ventilation while retaining the needed heat for growth.

The large plant protector are 18 inches high with a base diameter of 14 inches. The small Plant Protectors closed are 11 inches high with a base diameter of 9 inches.


  • The Plant Protector top is designed for easy opening with a patent pending interlocking design.
  • bottom of the Plant Protectors are equipped with 4 tabs allowing for easy anchoring.
  • Grow it Now! Plant Protectors are easily disassembled and cleaned at the end of the growing season. If the Plant Protectors are properly taken care of and stored inside during the off-season it can last for many years.
  • The large Plant Protectors can snap together to create one large Plant Protector. This can be used in the fall to protect mature plants against the late season frosts. Providing for an increased growing season.