Global 3/4\" FHT X 3/4\" MPT Pressure Regulator

Global 3/4" FHT X 3/4" MPT Pressure Regulator

Product Description

This unique, extremely durable pressure regulator is equipped with a 3/4" FHT inlet x 3/4" MPT outlet. Always install pressure regulators downstream from all shut-off valves. Be sure to install pressure regulators in the proper direction. The arrow on the housing shows the direction of the flow and should always point downstream toward emitters.


  • Flow Range: 1-15 GPM
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 80 PSI
  • Suitable for above and below ground installation
  • Withstands severe water hammer
  • Color coded for easy identification and thread differentiation
    • Black Side: 3/4" Female Hose Thread
    • Gray Side: 3/4" Male Pipe Thread

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Please note: Irrigation pressure regulators need outflow and back pressure to regulate the pressure within your irrigation system. With no water flowing through the regulator, the inlet and outlet pressures will measure the same. To verify the pressure maintained in your system, you will need to place a pressure gauge at the end of one of zones, turn the zone on, let it pressurize and once the lines have filled and emitters begin to flow then take the reading. This will reflect the working pressure within your system.
Special note: This pressure regulator is not designed to operate under static (constant) pressure. It must be installed after any valves or timers to operate correctly. Using this item under static pressure will eventually weaken the internal spring and cause the regulator to fail.
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