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Galcon Propagation Controller

Product # 1810

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Product Description

Galcons 8000 series consists of AC-controllers that are easy to install and operate. These user-friendly products are able to irrigate in seconds using a cycle of pre-set minutes. All 8000 controllers are connected to switch-type sensor for optimal performance. These controllers are especially suited for greenhouses and misting applications, with irrigation duration from 1 second to 12 hours.

Additional highlights:

  • Operation of 6, 9 or 12 valves plus a master valve (or booster pump).
  • Operation of 2 valves simultaneously plus a master valve.
  • Independent irrigation schedule programmable for each valve.
  • Up to 4 irrigation activations per day per valve in programmable weekly schedule mode.
  • Programmable weekly / cyclical irrigation schedules
  • Irrigation window in cyclical program mode.
  • Irrigation duration: 1 second to 12 hours.
  • Irrigation duration adjustable  by percentage value.
  • Irrigation frequency from once every minute to once every 30 days in cyclical program.
  • Manual operation of individual valves via the irrigation controller.
  • Sequential manual operation of all the valves via irrigation controller.
  • Valve assignment to an interrupt type sensor.
  • Identification of short circuits in the system, pause of a shorted valve and visual indication on screen
  • Operation by means of a 110 VAC - 24 VAC transformers.
  • 9V battery program backup.
  • Controller programmable using a backup battery power.
  • Operation of electrical valves 24 VAC.
  • Indoor/Outdoor, weather resistant enclosure.
Product Specifications