Galcon AC 80024 Controller

Galcon AC 80024 Controller

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Product Description

Galcon AC 80024 Controller for professional gardeners is the ultimate modular irrigation system. This unit ships with 8 stations on board and it can accommodate up to 24 stations. The robust design of the AC 80024 case makes it almost vandal proof. This unit can incorporate programmable fertigation into your irrigation. It also has the ability to control low voltage garden lighting and pond equipment with the purchase of a separate relay.  

The 80024 AC controller offers two operation methods, both options can run simultaneously on the same controller. The first option allows you to choose three programs A, B, C. Each program can be set according to days of the week or to a cycle. This can easily operate up to 24 valves. The second option is the ability to program the controller to operate independent programs for each of the 24 valves.


  • Indoor/Outdoor 8 Station Controller with expansion capability up to 24 Stations
  • Weekly program will run selected days of the week
  • Four (4) starts per each daily program
  • Irrigation Duration from one (1) minute up to 9 hours
  • Cyclic program – Every 1 day up to every 30 days
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual irrigation mode
  • Programmable Rain-Off Mode - up to 240 days
  • Rain Sensor compatible
Product Specifications
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