Flow Control Barbed Coupler

Flow Control Barbed Coupler

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Hendrickson has the perfect solution for optimizing your micro-spray performance. The FC77 Barbed Coupler Flow Control balances the line pressure for optimal uniformity of all your micro-sprays even with uneven terrain and irregular line pressures. Available in eight different flow rates from 6 to 25 GPH. Flow levels are color coded to match the majority of spray manufacturers flow rate designations for complimentary effects.

The FC77 incorporates Hendrickson’s patented flow control system proven on their other flow control products. Installation is simple – the barbed fitting connects either in-line or at the base connection of 1/4" tubing. Unit is compatible with 1/4" (.170" ID x .250" OD) drip irrigation micro-tubing.  The FC77 features a high-strength black ABS plastic housing for chemical and impact resistance. The flow control itself is made of flexible polyvinyl chloride. Perfect in agriculture, commercial, and residential applications.


  • Ensures optimum micro sprayer operation
  • Balances line pressure for uniformity
  • Consistent flow rate compensates for terrain elevation or friction loss
  • Available in a variety of flow rates from 6 to 25 GPH
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