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Flex Connect Layflat Eye Connection w/ Locking Nut

Flex Connect Layflat Eye Connection w/ Locking Nut

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Toro's innovative new Flex Connect system provides all the benefits of pre-installed fittings with more flexibility in spacing design to meet your specific needs. The Flex Connect Eye Connector is installed in the layflat hose using a 14mm layflat cutting tool and the Flex Connect installation tool. Toro has utilized the optimum sized  eye connector for all tape sizes. At the end of the season you simply removed the fitting and leave the eye connector installed in the hose, roll up and store away for next season.  There is a protective sealing cap that can be installed to prevent dirt and debris from entering the hose during retrieval and storage.

Please Note: Flex Connect Eye Connector requires 14mm Layflat Cutter and the Flex Connect Installation Tool for installation.

Toro’s new Flex Connect Layflat Connection System, for agricultural drip irrigation, makes installing layflat fittings easier and more flexible than ever. Hose with pre-installed fittings force growers into one specific spacing, which can be challenging for non-square or irregular-shaped fields. After Flex Connect initial installation, reuse is fast and easy, thanks to an innovative fitting design. Flex Connect requires less labor and maintenance from ordinary layflat fittings. Plus, the handy installation tool creates a firm seal every time, which significantly reduces leaking. Flex Connect is also an excellent alternative to hose with pre-installed fittings. Flex Connect fittings come equipped with a removable layflat eye connection, so growers can choose any spacing – or even change the spacing later – while ensuring the layflat can be re-rolled flat for easy moving and storage. There is an optional seal cap available so you can close off the eye connection to keep out dirt and debris during retrieval and storage.


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