Ferti-MAXX Organic Fish Blend by EZ-Flo

Ferti-MAXX Organic Fish Blend by EZ-Flo

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Ferti-Maxx Fish Fertilizer 2N-3P-1K is derived from organic farm raised rainbow trout with a cold hydrolysate extraction process which allows higher nutrient retention. Ferti-Maxx Fish is safe for use on all plant material and is optimized for use with fertigation. Ferti-Maxx Fish Fertilizer 2-3-1 is effective in spring, warm, and hot weather.

Ferti-Maxx liquid fertilizer products are organic based, designed for those wanting something other than traditional chemical fertilizers. EZ-FLO continually tests and evaluates fertilizers and supplements to provide the best products for all types of applications. EZ-Flo's Ferti-Maxx products have passed rigorous testing and contain less salts and impurities when compared to many other brands. For maximum results Ferti-Maxx liquid fertilizers may be combined with Root-Maxx.

Please Note: These products are not certified for use in organic food production.

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