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Female Thread x Male Thread Adapter

Female Thread x Male Thread Adapter

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3/4" female hose thread swivel x 3/4" male pipe thread. Converts 3/4" male hose threads to 3/4" male pipe threads. 3/4" female hose thread x 3/4" male hose thread adapter. Converts 3/4" female hose threads to 3/4" female hose threads with swivel. This adapter comes in handy when you need to connect anything to a faucet or hose end and the "thing" you are connecting does not have a swivel fitting. That's when this doo-hicky comes to the rescue. Just install this adapter and you'll never have to twist your "thingy" round and round to remove it from the faucet. Ahh, technology, how it improves our life.
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