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Faucet Mounted Slide Valve Actuated Proportioner by Dema

Faucet Mounted Slide Valve Actuated Proportioner by Dema

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Product Description

Automatically dispense a proportional mixture of water and chemical into a sink by simply sliding a knob (pushing the red or green ends on the slide) on this Faucet Mounted Slide Valve Actuated Proportioner from Dema Engineering. Unit uses metering screw for precise dilution rates (see literature attached above). Unit easily attaches directly to any standard sink faucet with external aerator threads. Also includes clear vinyl supply tubing, ceramic weight and foot valve. Device can be attached to standard garden hose threads by simply removing the faucet aerator adapter. This proportioner is not designed for use in standard irrigation systems. It is better suited as a sink dispenser or for sprayers.


  • Slide provides both “ON & OFF” chemical activation and deactivation - push red button to draw in chemical, push green button for clear water
  • Compact size works on virtually any faucet or kitchen environment
  • Place chemical container below faucet level
  • Low cost device requires no service and is easy to replace

Note: To help understand the injection rate for this sink proportioner - Centipoise (CPS) is a viscosity value assigned to liquids. As an example the CPS of water like liquids is 1; a light grade oil is around 75 CPS; and something like Dawn dishsoap is 200 CPS. You can contact the manufacturer of your additive product to find out the CPS rating.

Product Specifications
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