EZ-Flo Replacement Flow Disc Kit

EZ-Flo Replacement Flow Disc Kit

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Replacement Flo-Disc Kit for EZ-Flo Hose Bib Fertilizer Injectors

Low flow drip systems may require installing an EZ-Flo flo-disc in order to inject solution into your system. This kit includes three different flo-discs for systems under 120 GPH flow rate. If you do not know your system flow rate you can easily check if your system is working or not. If your fertilizer is not colored you can put a few drops of food coloring in the solution to test your system.

Flo-Disc Specifications:

  • White Flo-Disc - 120 to 60 gph
  • Black Flo-Disc - 60 to 30 gph
  • Red Flo-Disc - 30 to 7.5 gph  

Please Note: When using a Flo-Disc, pre-dilute products 4 parts water with 1 part product (25% Strength). 

Step 1. Estimate your water flow by multiplying the number of drip emitters on your system by their gallons per hour flow rating. (If you do not know your water flow you can use trial & error starting without a Flo-Disc. If no color is present in the clear line insert a Flo-disc starting with the white).

Step 2. Remove the washer from the swivel nut on the hose bib adapter. For easy removal, carefully use pliers to grab the O-Ring tab or a plain end screwdriver.

Step 3. Push the proper Flo-Disc into the hose bib adapter until it presses firmly against the flow restrictor in the center of the hose bib adaptor. The water flow will hold the disc in place.

Step 4. Replace the hose bib adapter hose washer and follow steps 2 through 4 in the “Installing your EZ-FLO” instructions.

Please Note: The Flo-Disc is not intended for pressure reduction and cannot be used for this purpose. The Flo-Disc will create additional bypass through the tank when necessary to speed up injection.

If you are not finding the information you need or the information on this page is confusing, please let us know so we can help you (and others). Thank you.